“How to Cash In on the Ground Floor of A Movement That Forbes Magazine Said Will Be The Next Billion Dollar Industry”

from:  Shawn Ongley

This Might Not Be For You

You’re really not to blame if you haven’t achieved all of your goals and dreams.  Maybe you have.

The way I see it…We have been programmed to accept less out of life by the school system, society, and well-meaning parents.

High schools don’t teach you how to be financially independent.

Colleges generally make you a better worker…not someone who can launch and run a successful business.

Before I get into the business, read below to see what quadrant/mindset you fall into.

Now it doesn’t matter which quadrant you’re in…it matters which quadrant dominates your thinking.

The Diary of A Nation of Tax Mules

The problem for most people is that most likely the government has made you into a tax mule.

In Robert Kiyosaki’s landmark book, he introduces his rich dad’s philosophy of the Cash Flow Quadrant.

This diagram shows why some people can never get ahead and why others retire rich.

On the left side of the quadrant most people fall into the “E” quadrant. This stands for “employee.”

Below the “E” is “S” which stands for “Specialists, or professionals like doctors, lawyers, and such.
On the right side of the quadrant is “B” which stands for big business owner. Under “B” is “I” which stands for “Investor.”

Over 90% of people in the “E,” or employee quadrant retire dead broke.

Watch as Robert Kiyosaki shows you what you must do to retire rich and get out of the wrong tax bracket (or at least what you must do to live as you please).

Society Seeks To Program You Into Accepting the E Quadrant As A Fact of Life

Your well-meaning parents may have told you that you needed to study hard so you could get a good job.

You might be worried about losing your job, because that is your sole sense of security.

The picture on the right shows how someone dominated by “E” quadrant thinking goes through life.

It’s like most people cannot dream big dreams outside of the amount of their paychecks.

What About the “S” Quadrant?

Of course these people typically make more money than people in the “E” Quadrant.

The problem is the minute a doctor quits seeing patients…her income dries up.

The minute a chiropractor stops “cracking backs”…his income shrivels to nothing.

Any small business owner knows that the business they started now owns them (to keep the business on life support).

It’s kind of like in those Chinese shows where the performer tries to keep 10 plates spinning to keep them from crashing to the ground.

The Key Point:  If you are in Quadrant “E” or “S” … You Don’t Have Time Freedom

  • Your job dictates your dreams.
  • Your job dictates the vacations you take.
  • Your job dictates when you can do the things you want.
  • Your job dictates to a large extent how you think:  Instead of thinking “How can if afford it?,” people in the “E” quadrant think “If I can afford it.”
  • Your job buys you for a wholesale price and sells you at retail (for their profit)

I’m guessing that deep down you know that this is not all you want out of life.

I also suppose that you are not the kind of person who will settle for being controlled by your job or small business.

If you watched the video, obviously you know that real time and money freedom is reached by becoming a big business owner.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to build a big business to feel successful.  Each person has their own definition of success.

My Story

I was personally happy teaching English in South Korea (for eight years), Russia (for 9 months), and China (for 8 months).  My dad who runs a timber brokering business in Pennsylvania then got kidney failure and his lungs filled up with water.

I had to move back to Pennsylvania and help him out, because he couldn’t walk much past fifty yards.  The first two years of the timber business was tough.  We were competing against large companies with loads of cash who outbid us at every turn.  We didn’t have a regular job, so money was tight.

Eventually I became partners, so I would receive 50% commission on our deals.  The problem was the deals were few and far between, so there wasn’t much money.

At the same time, I started sales training with world famous Sandler Training.  My dad objected to the expense, but I plowed ahead with it.

This training revolutionized my ability to get more and more deals but at the end of the day the timber business left me with little sanity.

Every time I made a deal, I was unemployed.  This meant that we would have to spend thousands of dollars in advertising to get another deal (waiting for the phone to ring).  And then the hamster wheel would start revolving once again.

I wanted residual income…like oil well money…where the oil flows up the pipe without my constantly having to do all the work.

My dad got a kidney transplant after a few years of dialysis.  He still can’t walk for 10 minutes even.  So I was doing the business all by myself.  If I couldn’t make a deal, my father, mother, and the grandchildren they are raising didn’t eat.

I imagined how it would be to have a team of people working with me to bring in the income, since my father, the brains of the outfit, no longer could help me.

My Father Needed Medical Help

I don’t think I need to educate anyone on the side-effects of many pharmaceutical drugs.

It may be throwing the baby out with the bath water (and I have), but I started researching natural solutions to his problems.

I came across loads of videos on Youtube about Cannabis oil.

I was like “What?”  “There’s no way that I would use something like that.”

“If I used that I could float over the trees that I look at in my business rather than having to go through mud and march up and down hills.”

Actually though, Cannabis oil, or CBD oil doesn’t have enough THC in it to get you high.

Sometimes I wish it did (just kidding).

On Youtube and the net, I saw doctors and scientists publishing their studies on CBD’s effectiveness in treating many illnesses that traditional pharmaceuticals hadn’t done much about.

You probably have too.

Not to be a conspiracy theorist or anything, but don’t you think that the government buries/makes illegal plants that could naturally wipe out many of the illnesses that are affecting the planet?

Is This Stuff Even Legal?

With a name like Cannabis, I thought there was NO WAY this stuff was legal.

Turns out it is legal in all fifty states and scores of countries world wide.

Heck, it was one of the largest grown crops in colonial America.  George Washington even grew it.

I don’t know whether he did anything else with it, but that is beside the point.

Why Would You Want To Take Hemp Oil?

Watch this short video:

This Is All Well and Good…But Can I Do This As A Business?

That’s a question I had.  In my business I did the buying mostly.  The selling wasn’t too difficult.

But does this stuff sell?

Now I don’t like to tell people, “Hey man, you are getting in on the ground floor.”  “You’re gonna get rich.”  And all of that kind of slick car salesman garbage.

But the last time I checked…the vast majority of the population are becoming more and more health savvy.

They are looking past the smokescreen of Big Pharma and searching for solutions.

It’s all a matter of whether you can send a link to your free website and let it do the rest.

But I’m No Good at Sales

Can you text or email a link?

You don’t have to be good at sales.

Would a thirsty man in the desert refuse a cold glass of water?

A seismic shift is now happening around the world…where people want to take care of their own health.

Maybe it’s because the pharmaceutical model is draining people’s bank accounts.

Maybe it’s because people just don’t trust everything they are told nowadays.

Would it hurt your feelings if you received a nice check month after month from people who are on auto-ship who just want to maintain their health?

Of if, just like a real estate broker, you earn a hefty paycheck on the efforts of your team (except real estate brokers don’t want to train their people too well because they most often become the broker’s competition).

Heck.  The company I will be introducing you to shortly has a package for timid people who don’t want to prospect the traditional way.  For a modest fee you can buy clicks to your free website.

Some people have built a strong residual income by using this method alone.

I Don’t Want To Be Involved In Some Pyramid Scheme

I’m curious what would happen to you if you suddenly began to make more money than your boss at work (if that were even possible).

Could you tell him/her to move over I am coming up?

The fact is:  Every business on earth is a pyramid.  There is a CEO, middle management, staff, and workers. 

There is only room for one at the top.

What chance does the worker have to really improve his situation?  He can climb the corporate ladder.  When he is paid too much, he is replaced by someone fresh out of college to cut company expenses.

I don’t mean to be offensive, but this “pyramid” argument is like a slave arguing with his owner to not to remove his chains.

If anything, this business is a pyramid on its head.  You can go to the top or stay at the bottom.  No one above you is going to stop you.

You are in control.

So Here Is What We Have For You:

The company is called Changing The Future Outcome (CTFO).

They have a wide array of hemp/CBD oil products that are in demand.

To find out more go to:  http://shongley.myctfocbd.com/

This is the exact free website you’ll get when you become an associate (for free too).

But How Much Money Can I Make?

The real question is how much money do you want to make?  It’s your decision.

How much money you make is not my business.  If you want to come in and get a discount on the products and don’t want to do the business, we would still honor you.

If you want to get involved in this business and generate enough for a car or house payment, that’s great too.

If you want to get rich…it’s up to you.

No promises or hype.  It all has to do with your goals and level of thinking.

The market is ripe.

Here Is The Pay Plan:

To find out more, go to: http://shongley.myctfocbd.com/