Does Your Pet Have Achy Joints And Doesn’t Run Like It Used To?

RIGHT NOW there is an evil judge eyeballing your cat or dog…just waiting to THROW THE BOOK at it…and put it on PERMANENT LOCK-DOWN…
And he hopes you don’t discover…

“Exactly What You Can Do Today To Get Your Pet Out Of Its Arthritic Prison…Even If Everything Else You Have Done So Far Has Failed”

And the judge ignores your pleas for your pet’s freedom too…


  • It doesn’t matter that you used to enjoy your walks together.
  • It doesn’t matter that you’ve made memories with your pet that will last forever.
  • It doesn’t matter that Fido doesn’t fetch like he used to.
  • It doesn’t matter that you feel like you have lost one of your best friends.


This judge is BLIND AND DEAF.

He’s like the Grim Reaper’s right hand man…GOD FORBID

and he threw out the book of justice for your pet…

ANY FORM OF JUSTICE…a long time ago.


From:  Shawn Ongley


Dear pet owner and all-around animal lover:

If your pet is suffering from joint pain and is shackled by joints that don’t move like they used to,

I urge you to read on because this may be the solution you are looking for.

Now I can’t make any medical claims.  I am not a doctor.

But I urge you to PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to what I am about to show you.

Because it might just be the “pardon papers” you and your pet are looking for.


Here’s the deal:

An ingredient in the supplement I am about to show you has been TRASHED by some in the medical community.

It’s funny how if something cannot be PATENTED FOR PROFIT by the medical establishment…

that ALL OF A SUDDEN it’s not “effective.”

Just ask a few of the scientists and doctors like Wilhelm Reich and Max Gerson…

who ran for his life to Mexico when he treated cancer without RADIATION.

How Swiss Mice Could Hold The Key To Your Pet’s Joint Jail Cell

Back in ’64 there was a research chemist, named Harry Diehl (from the National Institute of Health), studying why Swiss Albino mice didn’t get arthritis.

He spent two years trying to locate the substance within the mice that protected them.

He discovered a natural chemical within the rats’ bodies called cetyl myristoleate (CM).

Don’t worry I can’t say it either.

Here’s what he did:

They took other rats and gave them toxins, called “Freund’s adjuvant,”to give them arthritis.

He gave one group of rats 350-375 milligrams of cetyl myristoleate (CM).

Another group was given a lower dose before injected with CM.

The other group only got the arthritis causing toxin.

Here’s the results: 

The rats in the first group were 100% immunized.  Not a trace of arthritis.

The other two groups developed arthritis symptoms.

Diehl was given THREE PATENTS between ’76 and ’96 for the use of CM in preventing and treating various forms of arthritis in animals.

And get this:

He didn’t publish his discovery for another 30 years because NO ONE WAS INTERESTED!

“According to Charles Cochran, DC, who has worked with CM for many years, the best results come from products that contain between 20 and 30 per cent CM.”

What’s more:

CM is completely safe.

The Story Of An Crippled Indiana Dog Named ‘Jap’

And ‘no’ that isn’t a racial slur.  It means “Just A Pup”

Jap was a farm dog who herded cattle.

He fell off a sled in the winter time and hurt his hind leg.  Then he developed arthritis.

He lost the use of his two hind legs.

You can watch the video.  It’s not good quality, but the content is great:

(Video of Jap starts at 2:30)


After taking Nikken’s Pet Joint Plus for two weeks he walks for the first time in two years.Nikken Pet Joint Plus

And even scratches his fleas.

I could show you raving reviews of  Pet Joint Plus by veterinarians…

but frankly the video quality is horrendous.

The dog named Jap was living like a prisoner…unable to explore the world as he used to know it.

There are many other cats and dogs (actually horses use this too) that are waiting for freedom.

So here are:

The Pardon Papers Your Pet Has Been Anxiously Waiting For

If your pet… dog or cat…

has been imprisoned with a joint condition like Jap…I urge you to click the picture to the right.

Pet Joint Plus is only $26

Sure you may be able to get a Chinese knock-off at the supermarket or superstore for a few bucks less.

I guarantee you.  It won’t be the same quality.

We at Nikken don’t outsource our nutritional products to generic manufacturers whose products go under 50 odd brands.

If you read my article on bone health.  You already know that is true.

If you read my articles on Nikken’s Magnet products then naturally…

Nikken Pet Joint Plus

you know that Nikken has spent billions to remain the undisputed leader in the magnetic wellness arena.

Our nutritional products are made by scientists like Dr. A.S. Naidu who formulated the Nikken Bone Health Pack.

So I urge you to click on the picture to the right.

Your pets “pardon papers” are waiting on you.

Here are some facts about Nikken’s Pet Joint Plus to get you started:

  • Joint trouble is common in dogs and cats as they age.  This can limit mobility and affect your pet’s quality of life.  Providing a joint supplement may help make a significant difference in health and even in life span.
  • High Potency CM Complex is an advanced formula that nutritionally supports collagen, bone and connective tissue repair. *Based on clinical findings, cetyl myristoleate is believed to act as an anti-inflammatory for joints.  It also possesses natural surfactant and lubricant properties, in support of smooth joint movement.
  • Cetyl myristoleate is a completely natural compound present in certain animals.  The CM in Kenzen Pet Joint Plus is a highly purified, refined formula produce from this source material.
  • Use of cetyl myristoleate has been studied at the U.S. National Institutes of Health for decades.  Clinical trials concluded that there are no harmful or side effects in use of this compound.
  • This enhanced formulation now includes the proprietary Nikken Immunity Blend — the same as in Kenzen Immunity (U.S.) and 14 Muschroom Complex (Canada).  As in those products, it is a balanced selection of organic mushroom strains, developed specifically to protect a health immune system.  For thousand of years mushrooms have been promoted by herbalists to support the biological processes that resist disease.Kenzen Immunity
  • Additional ingredients provide more complete nutritional support and help to balance the diet. *The natural flavor makes it easy to ensure that your pet is getting needed support for joints every day.

Your pet’s pardon has arrived.  Get Nikken’s Pet Joint Plus right now.Nikken Pet Joint Plus



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